Tuesday, June 4, 2013

ZULU: Parrot Sketches

Zulu sketches are well under way by now so it's time to start sharing some of what I've done.

First, I'd like for you to meet Zulu's flock. They're talkative bunch and Zulu often tried to join in on their chatty-ness, but her beak is so small none of the other birds can hear her tiny tweets! Poor Zulu will have to learn to speak up if she wants to tell her own story.

"If you haven't already heard, parrots talk a lot!
They squawk at each other and chirp to themselves.
They sing atop the trees and chuckle in bunches.
They often talk in circles and sometimes talk in squares.
They tell tall tales all day long and, occasionally, they gossip all through the night." 

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