Monday, February 16, 2009


I got to make my own pop-up spread for my children's book class! I assemble them all the time at work, but I have never designed my own from beginning to end. It was very educational and I respect people who make intricate pop-ups because even the most simple things can be complicated. The project was to do an alphabet pop-up (my letter was "I") about a boy who does different magic tricks, sometimes they go wrong and sometimes they work, and they get more and more extravagant as you go through the alphabet.

So I started with a sketch...
Then I did a mock-up of the spread to get the mechanics right and make sure it opened and closed without catching on itself or ripping. (Definitely not as easy as it sounds!!) I used a heavy card stock paper so it would hold up. Regular paper is too flimsy.
Finally, I did all the final drawings, painted the background and each of the pieces of the pop-up, scanned them into the computer, printed them on thick paper, and assembled everything! This was the first time I used just acrylic paint for a project. I kind of like it, I think I will do more with it. The photo certainly doesn't have the same effect as the actual just doesn't "jump out at you" like the real thing...who knew!?...I'm pretty satisfied with the finished product. A few things didn't turn out the way I expected, but that's ok! It was still fun!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Writer's Block

I need to get off my block and write some stories! I suppose it's just like artist's block, but I feel more confident getting off my artist's block because I'm an artist! I know it will pay off...with writer's block I don't have as much motivation to get past the block because I'm not a great writer. Sometimes I like just hanging out on my writers block...