Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Sad Juggler

     In between my paid freelance work I have, sadly, only found a few bits of time to work on my own, personal work. I have decided this is something that I need to change! I have heard many, many times that giving yourself time to do your own art is SO important, and I absolutely agree. It's a change to try new things, take risks, be my own art director, and let my ideas run free.

     Recently I found some time to start developing a character that has been in my sketchbook and the back of my mind for over a year. He is based on a short (and very cute) poem a friend wrote about a juggler. I am interested in making this a series of 3-5 pieces.

     I have also started working on adding more texture to my painting technique. I think it will be a slow process to really start incorporating this into my final art. It can be difficult to suddenly change your technique to any extreme measure, so I think it's best to do it slowly. At least for my own peace of mind.

Below are some test paintings to try different brush textures. They might be hard to see in the small image.

Here is the finished piece. More compositions are in the works. I plan to give myself more time to work on these, soon!

And here is just a character sketch. More to come!