Monday, October 12, 2009

Recital Poster

I recently did a poster/postcard for a friend for his Senior Guitar Recital. Thank you to Aaron Delani for helping with the photography!

Stay tuned! Many more projects (personal and commissioned) to finish in the next month.

Monday, October 5, 2009

On Beauty and Being Just

I just finished reading a great book "On Beauty and Being Just" by Elaine Scarry. It's a great little philosophical book on the topic of beauty and it's connection to our search for truth and justice. I highly recommend this book. It went a little over my head at some points but a challenging book is good for the mind. How else are we to grow and learn?

We often times overlook beauty that is right in front of us and fail to realize how seeing something that is beautiful can give us life, excitement, and peace. It welcomes you into its world where we can feel equality, selflessness, and the sense that the world isn't all about us. To behold something beautiful is to be humbled. Seeing something beautiful also inspires us to create, or recreate that which is beautiful.

Spend some time observing the beauty around you and let it inspire you to create!