Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Kobee Manatee Book Now Available!

     You can now order your own copy of Kobee Manatee from my website!

     Kobee Manatee is a wonderful tale about a Florida manatee who takes a rare summertime trip up to Cape Cod, but needs to get back home before winter or he'll die from the cold. On his long journey south he meets two new friends and faces many unforeseen obstacles. This beautifully illustrated children's informational picture book entertains, enlightens, and educates about the habitat and behavior of the threatened manatee. 

     Congratulations to author Robert Scott Thayer on your first published book! Learn more about the book and manatees at www.kobeemanatee.com where you will also find some color pages and activities.

     Here are some reviews on the book!

     "Children can learn a great deal about manatees and their habitat by reading about Kobee and his friends and their traveling adventure." — Dr. Katie Tripp, Director of Science and Conservation (Save the Manatee Club www.savethemanatee.org)

      "A swimmingly fun, educational trip sure to be enjoyed by young friends of the manatee." — Kirkus Reviews

      "This luxuriously illustrated, infectiously charming story makes us want to save the manatee and have a plush version to hug."
— Foreword Clarion Reviews

      "A thoughtful and entertaining introduction to manatees for young children that effortlessly mixes fact and fiction. These gentle and mysterious creatures have found effective advocates with the launch of this talented author and illustrator team." — Blue Ink Review

      "Preschool through early elementary aged children will enjoy learning about manatees thanks to Thayer's combination of enticing storyline and fun facts, not to mention Gallegos' excellent pictures." — The Children's Book Review

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Classroom Guide for Vulture Verses

Thanks to the awesome and wonderful Diane Lang, author of Vulture Verses, there is now a Classroom Guide available on my website! Great for teachers and educators to use in a classroom setting. And if you ask me there are some really fun activities and lessons!

Take a look at the Classroom Guide for yourself, and suggest it to your child's teacher, or use it for an at-home lesson for fun!

If you don't yet have your own copy, or a copy for your child's classroom, you can also order one on my website yet.