Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Ant and The Cricket - A New Approach

This is my third attempt at this drawing, and I'm not doing any more! This time I used a smooth Bristol paper and just Primsacolor Pencils. I'm thinking about doing the rest of the drawings like this instead of my usual textured technique. It pains me to consider dropping that technique, but it's really causing more trouble than it's worth. Plus, as much as I like the textured look, it doesn't allow me to put in much detail, and I LOVE delicate detail. So I guess it is a trade off. Now, FINALLY, I can move on to the rest of the drawings. Here we go!


Jamie Meckel said...

this book is lookin good lauren! you have been working hard! keep up the great work!

BrandoAbba said...

Very Nice! I like this just as much as your usual style! keep it up!