Saturday, November 2, 2013

CSUF Children's Book Panel Event w/Pictures!

Last night I was on a Children's Book Panel of Alumni at CSUF. All 5 illustrators have all had some kind of experience in getting published, but each with a very different story. Some work as full-time animators, some have agents that represent them, some have also done some self-published projects. We've all had jobs at one point or another that we shouldn't have taken and we've all grown to understand that we have to take ourselves seriously as an illustrator before anyone else will.

It was a good turn out and all the students had good and important questions to ask. I only hope we gave them sufficient responses and that they came away with some valuable information on how to get started.

What a supportive group these people are. This is why I love my job.

Photographs by Cliff Cramp

From Left to Right:
      Wendy Grieb :
      Jennifer Wood :
      Jennifer Gray Olson :
      Lauren Gallegos : 
      Rodolfo Montalvo :


Heather Soodak said...

That sounds so awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing!

lindsey said...

YAY Lauren! I'm sure you were very helpful. Congrats!