Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Final Sketches for Dimplemeyer's Design Book

Seems as though I've yet again been too focused on getting my work done and have therefore neglected my blog. Sometimes I know I should post my work but don't feel like I have anything worth showing. I need to stop that!

This time I wanted to blog because I have some finished work on the way. Most of the illustrations for Dimplemeyer's Design are finished. I'm starting on adding value and color to all of them, so they are mostly just line drawings still. But soon they will be painted and full of life! I picked a few of my favorite sketches as well as some of the most dynamic ones in the book. Hopefully they are still readable even without color and value.

Unfortunately, none of these will be done before I head over to the SCBWI Annual Summer Conference. (I'm so sad I can't put them in my portfolio!) So I will have to stick with what I already have done. BUT I did make some new postcards and business cards, and I am working on my website so it's nice and new for the conference!

Hope to see you there!

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