Thursday, June 18, 2009

Recent Design Projects

Here are a few design projects I have recently completed between working on my website and many other projects.An invitation, table card, and program for an 8th grade Banquet that had a summer garden theme.Two versions of an invitation to a Fondue Dinner. One is formal, but on the fun/casual side. The other is more formal.

I've been working on a few other design projects, one of which is my good friend's wedding invitation! However, that is still in the making. I'm excited to work on that one!


Becka_Bo said...

Heh. I recognize the Four O'Clock leaves in the first set of images from your old/current web site. :)

Nice work, lady. It's all really lovely.

Lauren Gallegos said...

haha Thanks Becca....actually I have gotten a lot of use out of those leaves! I used them for Tiph's wedding programs too! hehe....They just seem to work well for a lot of things. :)