Thursday, June 11, 2009

Website In Progress

I have started redesigning my website and I think it's going to take me alittle longer than I expected. I bought Dreamweaver so I can make a better website, but having never used the program before, it is going to take awhile to learn! There are a lot of things about making websites that I don't know, so I've been watching hours of tutorials to learn everything I can. It's a good thing I have a somewhat simple website! Nevertheless, it will be awhile until it's done and up. But I'm excited to get it done, so hopefully it wont be too long. Until then, here is alittle drawing to enjoy. You might recognize the little owlet. I did a sketch of him awhile ago, and thought I'd color him. He will be making an appearance on my website, so keep an eye out!

1 comment:

Becka_Bo said...

Yay for the little owl! I feel like a proud aunt or something whenever I see him. Heh.