Wednesday, April 13, 2016


     I'm so excited to announce to the world that I am now represented by Christy Ewers from The CATugeau Artist Agency!!

     It definitely took awhile to get to this place. A lot of growing and reworking of my art to get it where it needed to be, all with the encouragement and guidance of Christy.

     I originally contacted CATugeau in October 2014 after a somewhat discouraging event that I attended. At that point I had been searching for an agent for about 2 years and had very little response. So I went home from that event and sent an email submission to CATugeau, without thinking much about it. No other submissions went out, which was unusual for me.

     I was shocked to discover that the very next day I got an email asking if I wanted to talk on the phone...WHAAA?? It was all very positive and encouraging. Nice things were art still needed some work.... And I didn't disagree! I had a good grasp on my animal characters. I've heard that several times. But my people needed work. So I set goals and fill pages and pages of my sketch book of kids. I created new artwork with kids as the focus.

    Fast foreword a year and a half. I have kept in touch with Christy throughout, and I now have a ton of new work, with human characters. I also have a full picture book dummy completed, which I send to Christy, and one magical day she emails me offering me representation!! The rest is history, I guess.

    I won't say I have "arrived" or that I am completely satisfied with the way I draw people. I firmly believe that I will continually need to work on my craft and get better. It's a life-long process of learning, and I am ready for the long haul!

     I am so excited for the next step in my career and what the future will bring!
Head over the CATugeau website to see my portfolio!

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Elizabeth Merchant said...

The creative process - you're persistence is an inspiration to others. I have bookmarked your site.