Tuesday, July 28, 2015

School Nutrition Menu Brochure

     A few months ago I worked on a project that was different than what I usually do. And I did it in a medium that I don't usually work in. It was a nice change of pace and a nice challenge to tackle.

     Using Adobe Illustrator I created some small vector illustrations to be used in a School Nutrition Menu Brochure. These ended up being very small images since most of the space was needed to inform parents of meal choices, but I still had fun! I used their school mascot (bulldogs) and created some characters out of them. The first image will be used on a very large banner in front of the school to promote the Nutrition Program and are known as "The Power Pups". And then the school plans to have a different theme for these characters each year. This year was "On The Farm". Below are a few pieces made for the brochure.

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