Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 Books In-Progress

     I have posted before that I am currently working on 2 books, The Coal Thief, and The Littlest Angel Of All. They have been a bit slow going since I have been working on 3 books simultaneously this year. But now one is finished and out of the way, so these 2 will be picking up steam from here on out.

     On both books I am done with all color sketches and I'm about to start on final artwork! I love milestones. And I always reward myself when I reach one. Sometimes it's simply taking a day off and NOT working...this can be hard for me, but I realize it is important. Sometimes I reward myself by going out and doing something fun. This time I am giving myself the whole weekend to do whatever. Catch up with friends, read, spend time with my husband, and I'm even going on a hike up in the mountains! A great way to refresh myself and recharge before diving into the painting phase which will probably take up the rest of this year.

     It has been (and will be) interesting to create and paint these 2 books at the same time because they have very different color palettes. I will be switching back and forth between books as I go so I will probably need to take time before starting each time to readjust to each color palette. This should be interesting....but so fun!

      Here is a spot illustration (color sketch) from The Coal Thief.

     Here is a spot illustration (color sketch) from The Littlest Angel Of All.

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