Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Importance of Community with Other Artists

I recently made a conscious decision to spend more time with other artists. Mostly because I found that I often become very lonely while working all day long on art without having anyone to talk to. It's also hard to look at your own art with fresh eyes when you are staring at it all day long. I need breaks, and I need people to talk with - for my own sanity.

So for the past few months I have been making sure I attend the monthly SCBWI meetings, I've had critique dates over Skype, and attended a few artists' group meetings over breakfast (which I hope will become a regular thing). These are all excellent ways for me to stay motivated in my work and to make sure I am setting goals (and meeting those goals) regularly. It's also been a great time to talk with other artists about the woes and worries of creating art. Every time I bring something up that is bringing me down or holding me back they always seem to know exactly what I am talking about, because they have been there at one time or another. These meetings have also given me great critique time. As I said, sometimes it is hard to really "see" what you are doing until you show someone else. They see it with fresh eyes and see what is working and what needs work. This is the thing I miss most about school. Now I must make a conscious effort to seek out critique time from people I know and trust.

Here are couple pictures from our last breakfast meeting.

So not only do I get to spend all this time with fun, talented artists, I also get to meet new artists!

Meet my new art friends:

and of course, Annie Ruygt, my good friend from college!

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