Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Impenetrable Fortress

A few paintings I recently completed . Both from Dimplemeyer's Design. There is only one full spread image, that of the impenetrable fortress which Glassandra puts her glass heart to keep safe.

I'm pretty pleased with the fortress illustration so I will be adding it to my website portfolio.
Just like I was taught in college, I have as many of the design elements in there as I could get:

light side, dark side;
warm side, cool side;
less saturated in the distance, more saturated in the foreground;
hard edge, soft edge
organic, geometric
detail, suggestion

I think it deserves an "A"... don't you think?

"Over the ensuing months, an Egyptian architect and his supervisors joined Valaleyan craftsmen and laborers in raising, as fast as they could, a citadel so impenetrable that even they would be unable to breach it. Miraculously, minutes before the nine months elapsed, the fortress was born."
"And through each other the princess and her knight saw heaven."