Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Today I felt a transition time start to take place. Sunday is my art show, which I have been preparing for since October. Now all I have left are a few little details and the actual show, and then it's over. And today I realized that I am not sure what I will be working on next. I was so wrapped up in getting things done for the Art Show, that I didn't think about what would come after. So I think tomorrow I will take some time to brainstorm, strategize, and get inspired. This can be a lot of fun because I can dream and get really excited about possibilities, but it can also get a little overwhelming not knowing which route to take, or what the best next step is. I have a few things in mind already and a few projects that are in the works, but we'll see where it all goes.
I thought this little spot painting I did recently fit well with the state of things at the moment. I've finished my apple, and it was delicious. But I will soon be hungry again and I need to start searching for my next meal.

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Gisele said...

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We received a similar email from one of our contributors a few weeks ago so when I saw this one this morning, I knew something was up. I just wanted to let you know.