Friday, May 14, 2010

"The Mahogany Door" Update 2

I've been working away at finishing up sketches and making revisions to finalize my sketches for "The Mahogany Door". Things are moving along nicely! Here's a little before and after sketch so you have an idea of how I work.

After reading through the chapter, I sketch a few images that I think are important or exciting moments in the chapter that I'd like to show. I do a general sketch, just to get the ideas down, then after deciding on the best idea, I add some value to see if the composition is working ok. I send this to the author for some feedback and revisions. For this sketch, I didn't need to change much. I mostly needed to make sure the crown was too large for the boy's head to show that he doesn't fit into his "kingship". I also changed the perspective a little so the viewer is looking up at the throne (it makes the boy seem bigger and more important). I also did some visual research on thrones to make mine look more interesting and also to fit the style and setting of the book.

That's it for now! Back to my sketchbook! More updates coming soon!
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