Monday, September 28, 2009

FYI: Website address change!

For all of you who have my website bookmarked/linked, please make sure that it is, not .net. I previously had it set up so that when you type in .com it automatically redirected you to .net, but now it doesn't and eventually the .net site will expire and not work anymore!

Again, if you have my website bookmarked, make sure the web address is, not .net.

Thanks! Sorry for any confusion!

Here's a sketch for your enjoyment.

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kjrem said...

Lauren, I am impressed with your work. My son Rob Stevenson first showed me something of yours and now I have the Senior Recital announcement you made for Byron Tomes hanging up in my kitchen.I wish the best for you as you begin what I am sure will be a wonderfully successful career. Janny Stevenson