Monday, July 14, 2008

Painting With Grandma

Recently I had the chance to go painting with my grandma for the first time. Above is the quick painting I did while I was with her. My grandma has produced many beautiful paintings in her life. She used to take classes and go paint landscapes with her friends quite often. She has a beautiful style that, in some strange way, resembles my grandma's gentle, quite, yet strong nature. Sadly, she has not painted in years....many, many years. Just recently my grandpa passed away leaving my grandma feeling lonely after over 50 years of marriage. I can't imagine losing that kind of love and support after having it for so long. During my family's latest visit to see her I brought my paints and some canvases so we could paint together to, hopefully, cheer her up a little and encourage her to start painting again. We went to the park/beach in Idaho and let the scenery inspire us. What a memorable moment for me to paint with my grandma; seeing her at work, asking her questions, observing her techniques, and even sharing some things that I have learned so far in my art career.

I hope my grandma remembers how much she loves painting.
I hope she has been inspired to paint more on her own.
I hope I remember that day forever.
I hope I get to paint with her again.

But I hope, most of all, she felt some happiness that day.

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